Automobile Insurance

Some consider automobile insurance to be nothing more than a necessary evil and treat it as a commodity. While this may work for some, clients who drive high value/late model autos recognize the importance for obtaining coverage from one of our High Net Worth partners. These auto policies are unlike the mass market auto insurers in what the coverage and service provide.

Agreed Value

You will be paid a predetermined amount in the event of a total loss. This value remains fixed throughout the 12 month policy term with no depreciation. In the event of a total loss or theft, the company would pay the Agreed Value with No Deductible, as it is waived in these scenarios by our HNW Partners. You should be able to replace a totaled or stolen vehicle

OEM Parts

Full replacement cost with Original Equipment Manufacturers parts. No substitutes. Non-OEM parts have been documented as decreasing the safety of repaired automobiles, specifically air bag and crash cage replacement. The focus is on safety and satisfying the client, not on repairing each vehicle as inexpensively as possible. Non OEM parts can result in extra fees when Leased vehicles are relinquished.

Loss of Use/Transportation Expense

A flat dollar amount of up to $15,000 included. No daily limit. No monthly limit. No coinsurance. The intent is to allow the client to replace the existing car with same like, kind, and quality while the owned auto is being repaired. If your Porsche is damaged, you should be able to rent a Porsche with no hidden fees or out of pocket expense.

Lease Gap Coverage

It is common to owe more on a loan or lease than the value of the vehicle. In a total loss, if the agreed value settlement falls short of covering your existing loan or lease obligations, our auto policies are designed or can be endorsed to cover the difference for you.

Portfolio Discounts on the Homeowner's Policy and Other Lines

Our partners provide up to 15% credit on the base homeowner’s rate (before any credits are applied) for having an auto policy with the same carrier. These credits can well exceed $1,000 in many cases.

Worldwide Liability

Whether provided via the auto policy or the personal liability, our key partners provide Worldwide Liability including National and International Rentals. With few geographic exceptions, International car rental is covered by your domestic insurance by these select carriers.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to protecting your family and yourself. You need more than a cookie cutter solution. We can provide creative solutions for a variety of situations. Contact your local office today for coverage options and premium comparisons.