Antique, Collector, and Exotic Auto Insurance for Darien, Ridgefield, and Beyond

When it comes to insurance for your exotic car and antique automobiles in areas such as Darien, Ridgefield, and Palm Beach Gardens, there can be questions that arise. In this article you can find information about what types of vehicles may be eligible, what policy conditions or requirements may need to be followed, and some other considerations you may want to keep in mind when looking for insurance as unique as your ride.

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Classify Your Automobile

In car culture, there are various ways to describe and categorize your ride. Some individuals describe their vehicles as one thing, while others may call it something different. No matter the category your ride may fall under, if your vehicle fits one of these descriptions you should contact us to see what coverage options may be available.

  • High-End Exotic Cars
  • Antique and Classic Cars (Typically 25 years and older)
  • Hot Rods or Modified Vehicles
  • Classic Military Vehicles
  • Collector Trucks, SUVs, and Tractors

Insurance for Your High Value Automobile

While insurance for your high-value automobile can be similar to regular auto insurance in many respects, there may be additional coverage options available to you. The team at Cross Private Client Insurance would be happy to speak with you about your insurance coverage options for your high-end vehicle.

Types of Coverage for Your Automobile

There are several additional coverage options offered when searching for automobile insurance for your classic, collectible or exotic vehicles. These may include agreed value, tiered mileage plans, spare parts coverage, worldwide coverage, multiline discounts, and auto show medical. Below we will detail each coverage and what they consist of.

  • Agreed Value

Agreed Value is amount that you and your insurer agree your vehicle is worth when you purchase your insurance policy.

  • Sentimental Value Coverage

Vehicles can carry deep sentimental value to their owners, and if your special ride is involved in an accident resulting in a total loss, you may still want to keep it regardless of its current condition. Sentimental Value Coverage can provide you with the opportunity to do just that, retain your vehicle while still receiving the guaranteed value.

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  • Car Show Coverage

This can help provide coverage in the event that someone is injured by your vehicle while it is at an automobile show or exhibit. 

  • Parts Coverage

Having parts coverage can help provide you monetary assistance when a qualifying event occurs and your vehicle’s parts are destroyed, damaged, or stolen.

  • Tiered Mileage

Depending on how much you drive your antique auto, you could potentially benefit from lower or tiered mileage plans. Agreeing to limit the number of miles you put on your car every year can potentially help your rates.

  • Worldwide Coverage

If you plan on traveling out of the country for car shows or events with your vehicle, you should seriously consider worldwide coverage. Your general auto policy is usually restricted to inside the U.S., resulting in a need for this coverage if you plan on taking your classic auto outside of the country.

Exotic Car and Antique Automobile Insurance Quotes for Darien, Ridgefield, and Beyond

Your prized ride is not just a machine, it is something that holds both monetary and sentimental value to you. Cross Private Client can help you explore your options when it comes to automobile insurance. To find out more, contact your local Cross Private Client Insurance today.

Automobile Insurance Requirements

There are various conditions that may be required by insurance carriers for your vehicle to be considered for elevated automobile coverage. Some of the typical carrier requirements include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • The vehicle may need to be stored in an enclosed structure, carport, parking garage, or storage unit.
  • You as the driver may need to meet eligibility requirements, such as not having any serious traffic infractions (such as alcohol related offenses, reckless driving, or outstanding speed violations) on your record.
  • The vehicle may need to meet age requirements, for example being 25 years or older or 20 years old with collectible value.
  • The permissible use of the vehicle may be limited, such as use only for exhibitions or pleasure/leisure activities, and it cannot be your primary mode of transportation.
  • You may not be able to use the vehicle for racing.
  • The annual on-road mileage may be limited.

When Do I Need Coverage?

If you put your prized automobile into storage for part of the year, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should put a pause on your policy. Even if your high value car is stored safely away, there is always the possibility of an unfortunate event such as fire, theft, or an “act of God” occurring. Taking your coverage off your ride can leave you vulnerable, and there is sometimes a misconception that your homeowner’s policy will cover a vehicle stored in your garage. In fact, homeowner’s insurance typically will exclude coverage for motorized vehicles meant for the road.



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