Boat and Yacht Insurance for Greenwich, CT

Watercraft Insurance in Connecticut

Numerous marinas, lakes, and of course the Long Island Sound make Connecticut a boater’s paradise. Whether you are cruising the coastline, or enjoying the many lakes, you’ll want to be sure your watercraft is protected. If you are looking for watercraft insurance in Greenwich, Connecticut, our local office can help show you your options.

How Much is Boat Insurance in Greenwich, CT? 

Are you curious about the cost of boat insurance in Greenwich? The answer is that it can vary. Some factors that can influence how much you will pay for boat insurance include:

  • The type of coverage you choose
  • Your claims history
  • Year, make, and model of your boat
  • Your age

To see how much insuring your boat will cost, you can request a quote from our Riverside office here or give us a call.

Connecticut bay marina with boats
Is Boat Insurance Required in Connecticut? 

Although boat insurance is not required in Connecticut at this time, some marinas may require it. If you are looking to explore the waterways of Connecticut, getting insurance for your boat is a smart move. Policies vary, but typically boat insurance covers a number of situations and incidents, such as physical damage and loss caused by common risks such as sinking, fire, collision, capsizing, storms, and theft. Boat insurance can also help to pay for medical payments and provide liability protection against lawsuits if your boat causes injury to another person or causes damage to another boat, a dock or other structure.

Private Client Insurance for Yachts in Connecticut 

We work with top insurance carriers who provide comprehensive options for protecting yachts. Depending on which carrier you choose to purchase your boat insurance through, there are a number of other optional coverages that you may be able to add. Our local offices in Connecticut have experience with respect to many lines of insurance relevant to high-net-worth individuals. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today to discuss your what you are looking for in yacht coverage.

How to Get a Boat Insurance Quote for Greenwich 

Looking to get a quote for your boat? Reach out to our office in Riverside or give us a call today. From there, our knowledgeable and experienced team members  will reach out to get more information about your boat.



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