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Who We Are Cross Insurance is a family owned insurance agency with over 40 branches throughout New England, Metropolitan New York, and Florida. Established at

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Automobile Insurance

Some consider automobile insurance to be nothing more than a necessary evil and treat it as a commodity. While this may work for some, clients


Cross Private Client Let Us Protect Your Most Valuable AssetHomeowners InsuranceThese Auto Policies Are Unlike the Mass Market Auto Insurers in What the Coverage and

Teen Driver Safety Contracts

What Are Teen Driver Safety Contracts? Teen Driver Safety Contracts can help limit the many distractions available to young adults on today’s roadways. The contract between parents and teens mitigates many of the avoidable accidents

Fraud and Cyber Fraud Insurance Coverage

Fraud and Cyber Fraud Insurance Consumers now have access to Cyber Fraud Insurance coverage for fraud and cybercrime, including coverage for financial loss resulting from online and offline fraud. Services to help assess and respond to