Fraud and Cyber Fraud Insurance Coverage

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Fraud and Cyber Fraud Insurance

Consumers now have access to Cyber Fraud Insurance coverage for fraud and cybercrime, including coverage for financial loss resulting from online and offline fraud. Services to help assess and respond to cyber extortion threats and coverage to remove malware and reinstall software after an attack are also included.

PURE Starling™ is an optional endorsement to a PURE Insurance Homeowners policy designed to provide coverage for losses caused by fraud and cyber fraud.

Coverage limits are available starting at $250,000 and as high as $1 million. Coverage limits are subject to no prior fraud or cyber incidents in the past 24 months. Availability of the $1 million limit is also subject to an active cyber monitoring solution on the member’s home network. Premiums begin at $250 and increase depending on coverage selected.

For more information read the PURE Starling highlight sheet.